Patrol Division


It shall be the mission of the Santa Fe Police Department Patrol Division to provide Santa Fe residents and guests with a safe environment in which to live, work, and visit through professional service and quality policing. We will endeavor to foster open communication, mutual respect, absolute trust, integrity, and justice within our community by working together to prevent, reduce, and combat crime and illegal activity.

The Patrol Division is the backbone of department operations. It is the largest division as well as the most visible of the three divisions. It is comprised of four Patrol Teams, Traffic Team, Auxiliary Bike Patrol, DWI Unit, Public Safety Aides, and Animal Control.  The Patrol Division and several of the special units are also coordinated and supervised through the Operations Division.

The primary duty of the officers assigned to the Patrol Division is to respond to calls for assistance. They also conduct preliminary investigations, investigate traffic accidents, and enforce traffic and criminal codes. Patrol officers typically are first responders to emergency situations. In addition, Patrol personnel serve a crime prevention and deterrence role while on routine patrol in one of the nine patrol areas, encompassing 37.4 square miles and serving a population of 68,642.

Captain Matthew Champlin

Our upcoming test dates are:

December 14, 2019

January 11, 2020

February 8, 2020





Specialized Units


Crisis Negotiation Team

Bike Patrol Team

Traffic Unit

Bomb Squad

Honor Guard

DWI Unit

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