New Mexico Stalking Statistics

New Mexico Stalking Statistics

  • Nearly one in four women and one in fourteen men are stalked at least once in their lifetime in the State of New Mexico.
  • While New Mexico law enforcement reported 162 incidents in 2007, the 2003 New Mexico Victimization Survey reported 17,177 individuals had been stalked a total of 245,631 times, an average of 14.3 times per year. As of December 2008, 50 Santa Fe individuals reported being stalked. 
  • 34% of stalking victims reported to law enforcement. 
  • 83% of stalkers are male. 
  • 44% of stalking victims were injured by their stalker. 
  • 26% of stalking victims filed an Order for Protection. In more than half of these cases (51%) the PO was violated. 
  • Only 5.5% of stalking crimes resulted in an arrest. 
  • In 1 out of 17 cases charges were filed. 
  • In 13% of cases, charges were dropped. 
  • 51% of defendants pled guilty. 
  • 54% of disposed stalking cases resulted in conviction. 
  • In 31% of stalking cases, a weapon was involved, especially if the victim was another male. 
  • Courts take stalking of males by males more seriously than stalking of females. Males who stalk males were less likely to be acquitted and received longer sentences by 2 years. 
  • There are 5.5% fewer arrests for stalkers than for perpetrators of domestic violence. 
  • 50% of victims of domestic violence and stalking are also victims of sexual assault. 
  • Stalking behaviors begin in adolescence at twice the rate of dating violence.

Incidence and Nature of Domestic Violence In New Mexico VIII: An Analysis of 2007 Data From The New Mexico Interpersonal Violence Data Central Repository. Caponera, Betty. Ph.D. Funded by: Office of Injury Prevention, Injury and Behavioral Epidemiology Bureau, Epidemiology and Response Division, New Mexico Department of Health, Through the New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs, July 2008.

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