Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT)

SWAT is comprised of 15 SWAT Operators and two Tactical Medics. SWAT serves search/arrest warrants and responds to barricaded subject calls, emotionally disturbed person calls, hostage-type situations, active shooter calls, and all terrorist activities. SWAT also assists with dignitary protections.


The mission of the Santa Fe Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) is to support the department and other public safety entities with a tactical response to certain critical incidents and community problems that are best solved by the application of advanced tactics and planning. The ultimate goal of this application of tactical expertise is to end these critical incidents and resolve these problems with no loss of life or injury to officers, innocent persons, or suspects.

The Santa Fe Police Department recognizes that a team trained in the tactical aspects of police work can greatly reduce the risk of injuries or death to officers, citizens, and suspects while accomplishing its goal — the resolution of a volatile or potentially dangerous critical incident. It is the goal of SWAT to provide the community a highly motivated, well trained and equipped tactical team to assure the community it has an option to bring critical incidents to the safest possible conclusion. The overall goal of saving lives shall always be in our forethought. 

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